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About The Club 

Patriots All Terrain Club

We are a 501c7 nonprofit ATV/UTV club in Central and Western Massachusetts. 

Patriots All Terrain Club was formed in 2018 by a group of individuals who were looking for possible land opportunities to ride their machines on. 


We are a family-oriented club who promotes good conduct, good sportsmanship, proper safety, and good conservation practices. We also assist when called during rescue operations.  

Main Functions of Our Club: 

  1. To protect the land and future of ATV's. 

  2. To look for land opportunities in Western and Central Massachusetts. 

  3. Assist the public and private landowners in developing new trail systems. 

  4. Improve the image of ATV riders. 

  5. To respond to rescue operations when dispatched. 

  6. Educate the public about ATV's. 

  7. Bring riders together. 

  8. Promote safe and respectful riding.  


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